Friday, September 19, 2014

Hold On To Your World


Hair: Magika
Glasses: Lybra - Uptown Girl Sunglasses
Jewelry: Izzie's
Outfit: Lush By Coco - New Direction BodySuit @Penumbra A/W FW
Bag: Livglam - Dita Studded Clutch
Shoes: Lush By Coco - MustHaves

Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Your Love

It's hard to describe the deep, intense love I feel for my sweet man. In him I found a better part of me, a light I long ago felt was dim. We met over 3 years ago. I still have the note he sent to me. Doug never tried to run any lines or make himself out to be something he is not. He was simply himself and I fell in love with that and more. He can give a simple expression, say a few words or a gentle touch and make things right in my world. I feel like myself the most with him. We can laugh and talk about the silliest and weirdest things and I feel at peace. I couldn't ask for anything better than the pleasure of being able to sit next to him and steal looks when he's not looking at me. The thought of knowing you are the first and last thing I see brings me tears of joy. Forever yours Doug. You're forever mine. The title of this blog post is our song. One night Doug got on voice and dedicated the song to me; we danced. I never heard the song before that night but when I listen to it, I relive that moment over again in my mind. I love you honey.

On me:
Hair: Atro Patena
Hairbase: 99 Elephants
Necklace: Mog Munster
Belly: Pomposity
Upper Tattoo: Zentro
Lower Tattoo: Alterego
Outfit: Lybra - Phoenix @RYR (closes at midnight slt)

On Doug:
Hair: Catwa
Tattoo: Para Designs
Ring: Earthstones
Outfit: Lybra - Drake (showing only pants and belt) @RYR (closes at midnight slt)

Song: It's Your Love - Tim Mcgraw & Faith Hill

They Only Love You When It's Beneficial

But I still love you.

Hair: Kokolores - Mia @Fi*Friday
Glasses: VG Shoes - Imma Nerd Glasses
Nails: Nailed It - I <3 U 2 Set
Outfit: Lybra - Gwen @RYR
Shoes: VG Shoes - Barcelona
Bag: K Collection - Modern Art Bag
Prop 1: Nantra - Chaise Ennui
Prop 2: Llorisen - Papy Clock Shelves

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Like Fine Wine

Miss Thang herself is one of my oldest friends in SL. She is classy, beautiful, smart and real. At my lowest in SL, she was one of the few I could lean on. I never forgot it and I am lucky to have you as a friend. You are a diva and a joy to know.

Over the years we have grown with the ebb and flow of the modeling community. I remember first seeing Devine on the day she won JCNY Modelfest. I always felt she had that "it factor". I enjoyed all the times we have walked in shows and competed in contests. Hope one day Miss Dev will dust off those stilettos and get her butt back on the catwalk! <3

Definitely check out her blog!

Style Card
Head: Vrsion-Lode - Rival 3.0 Fem Mask @La Metallique Fair
Top: Vrsion - Rival 3.0 Sleeveless Shirt @La Metallique Fair
Ivy's Underwear: Alterego - Toxx's String Bikini Bottoms
Devine's Underwear: Meghindo's - Laced panties
Shoes: LivGlam - Crista Boots

Saturday, August 30, 2014


The moon traversing the garden,
florals made of a blush or a breath,
nightbirds with a little lump
of insect under their tongues, breath 
of clover, grassy, spiced,
and all of it rinsed of emotion.
The leaden nymph by the gate.
All, all rinsed of emotion. 
 -  Carol Frost
Hairbase: Faenzo
Brow: Zibska
Liner: Beautiful Deluxe
Lips: Kokolores
Neck: AD Creations
Outfit: Living Imagination - Guardian Luna @RYR (Sept. 1st)
Gloves: Izzie's (for slink hands)
Photographer: Seedus Aldrin